David Hockey: Expending my knowledge of artists and the battle with PhotoShop

I’m a bad creative, as much as I love making my own work I’m lazy with expanding my knowledge of other artists and their work, its rare I stray from film and I knew coming into this course this was an issue I needed to address.

My start to this was David Hockey, a painter and photographer I had only heard of in passing before this project, I was instantly interested in his style and I very much enjoyed working on my cut and paste collage inspired by his works.

Photography as a whole is something I’ve grown to enjoy more and more since starting the course, its rewarding to see something I considered a small hobby of mine grow into something I feel I’ll be able to call a skill by the end of my years here.

The second Hockney inspired piece I created was a collage in PhotoShop (Pictured below) I found this process far harder, I had little to no knowledge of PhotoShop before this piece and adjusting to the software was challenging but rewarding, I feel my knowledge of PhotoShop has greatly improved as a result of creating this piece.



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