Stop Motion Animation: The Juggler

Animation was one of the main aspects of media I had never even attempted before starting this course but stop motion had always amazed me, the amount of frames you need to create something on the scale of Chicken Run for example is insane and to say I was slightly scared coming into this project is an understatement but after I got to work I realise it really is scale that makes stop motion so scary.

My aim was to make a 10 second picture at 2 frames per second, even for 10 seconds at such low frames I would need 120 pictures which would take a lot of time and effort to take, I started with the idea of skipping but soon ditched that due to some issues with creating the effect, I then moved on to juggling which proved far more successful, sticking blue plastercine balls to my model lightly I slowly moved then around to create a juggling effect, I then realised the clip wouldn’t be very interesting if juggling was the only thing it featured so I started to create a small story , the character dropped her juggling balls and started to sob, only for one of them to be bought back by a friendly dog.

This project made me realise stop motion really can be for anyone, you can go as big or as small as you like with a piece and it feels like the perfect start up animation.



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