The Disappointing Journey: Ironic inspiration and a new found love for editors.

One of the first full pieces I work on while here at Lincoln College was a short film from the prompt “A Disappointing Journey” I worked with 2 fellow students to create a 1 minute film, Our inspiration came to us easier then we though as we opened the door of the building to leave to film and encountered a wall of rain, We thought the idea of a short film about leaving to film but then being stopped by rain would be both perfect and ironic, We starting filming indoors getting a range of shots which as shots of our feet to cut up longer walking shots (Picture 1 below) and 2 shots to show our characters were working together (Picture 2 below), we had a lot of fun working on the piece and all edited the film personally, It was interesting to see all the different edits as such different pieces could come from the same scenes and it really shed a light for me on how much editing makes the film what it is by the end.





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