The conception of This Is Me

I got the brief for my film a little early due to finishing some work before anyone else and I still think it took my the longest out of any of my classmates to choose my concept, I won’t lie when it comes to film I’m a perfectionist, its either because its my future career choice or because I’ve watched so many but I can spot plot holes from 5 miles away and small mistakes ruin the whole thing for me, So the main challenge of this unit for me will be getting past my own standards.

Not that having high standards is a bad thing, it stops those tiny missed details that pile up happening and makes sure work is done well but sometimes they get in the way more then the mistakes, making it hard to start work because of the fear you won’t be able to meet your own standards or wasting time by redoing things over and over in search of the perfect shot that just doesn’t exist.

I sat there in front of my PC all weekend, begging my brain to give me the most basic idea to work with but nothing came up, any creativity I have in a normal day just wasn’t showing up and I decided to get some sleep and try again once I got to college.

Wednesday I came in groggy but ready to start on my work, but again nothing came, I was ready to call it quits but then I was shown some trailers for films, nothing amazing or truly inspiring but just enough to get my creative juices going again and like magic, within an hour I had a full concept for a short film involving me interviewing my past selves to come to terms with the past year of my life.


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