General Update: December 2016

This month was a tough one in terms of pushing myself to create work I would consider to be of a high standard, I worked mainly on my ident and overall branding.

The ident was my biggest challenge so far, I started with the concept of stop motion pieces with scenes from iconic horror films but as I progressed the stop motion really wasn’t going to plan, I didn’t have the budget to buy a large amount of Plasticine and therefore I couldn’t make multiple models so the changing of poses caused them to become muddy looking as the Plasticine colours became mixed.

A few days before hand in date I had to change my idea, though I was slightly panicked I storyboarded a concept and got to work as fast as possible on my new ident, I ended up with the channel logo being covered in dripping blood with creepy music playing in the background, I actually ended up preferring this idea to my originals and feel it was for the best I changed my plans.

Overall I have felt more confident in my work this month and hope to continue my positive mood into 2017.

My favourite piece of work from this month would be my ident which is linked in my previous post.


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