Radio Drama: the city of NightVale and Bioshock

I recently started Unit 5 which deals with radio dramas and there creation, I listened to two full pieces and part of a third to better understand audio work.

The first piece I listened to was Welcome To Nightvale, I enjoyed this piece on a personal level and will carry on listening to it in my free time, I love the way its presented as a radio show for a weird little city, it feels extremely real despite the weird goings on, I think the team behind mixed in the perfect amount of grounded events to really give it a realistic tone.

The second piece I listened to was the first part of Bioshock: An Audio Drama, this piece was an adaptation of a existing book with some events changed to match the audio medium, though I likely won’t listen to the second part I thought it was well put together and its use of sound effects were superb.

The last piece I only listened to maybe 15 minutes of as I just wanted to gather another small example of radio drama, I chose The Archers as its the most mainstream radio drama you can find, I wanted to see a more normal look at the medium and this soap opera showed me exactly that, again something I won’t be listening to in my free time but defiantly a well rounded and well done drama.


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