Radio Drama: An overview

Today I have completely finished my radio drama, fixing any tiny bits I missed perviously while editing and making sure all my paperwork is in order.

I found the process of creating my drama interesting and challenging though sometimes a little tedious, Its defiantly not a field I will see myself working in in the future but I feel I have earned valuable audio editing skills which I can apply to other projects.

I have also learnt the process of directing actors as I have never used actors others then myself in pieces before, I had to come across confident and make my ideas clear which is something I sometimes struggle with, I feel I have improved in this skill now and I hope I can keep working harder with my confidence.

I am yet to present my piece to my peers and this is something I struggled with when I created my short film, I had to leave the room as my confidence in myself and my work was so low but I am aiming to stay in the room for the full piece this time as I need to get used to seeing and listening to my own work.


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