Radio Drama: Editing

Today I finished editing my audio drama, I used Adobe Audition for the edit.

The task of editing the piece seemed like a short and simple one, just a case of clipping the voice lines together in a way that made it sound like the flow of a natural conversation, but issues came up and the edit became more taxing then first thought.

The voice lines for the character Alex were louder and had more background noise then the other characters and sound effects so the majority of his lines needed altering.

This involved lowering the volume and pitch of some sections of the recordings to attempt to correct the background noise, this has not worked perfectly but sounds more better then the raw recordings.


Radio Drama: Recording my piece

I recently recorded my radio drama, I had a cast of 4 including myself and we recorded each line separately which made editing easier, this style of recording would only really work for such a small cast and short running time as for other, longer pieces it would be extremely time consuming.

We used my phone as a recording device as the sound quality was up to standard and it was a convenient tool to use.

Recording went well but unfortunately due to time constraints I have not been able to re record a couple of pieces of audio which are not up to standard, I am currently in the progress of attempting to fix them in editing as best I can.

Radio drama: sound effects

Today I worked on creating sound effects for my audio drama, I also helped my peers with creating theirs.

For my audio drama I needed keyboard typing sounds, chairs moving, breathing into mic and general sounds you would likely hear within a voice chat.

My friends needed walking sounds, gates closing and chains rattling.

Mine could be sorted within the classroom, just be recording the actual sound of chairs moving and typing ect but we had to leave the classroom in search of gates and stone pavement to create their sound effects, we managed to get everything we needed and made use of an empty playground for chain sounds and walking on wood sounds.

Radio Drama: Script writting

Over the last 4 days I have been working on my script for my audio drama “TeamSpeak” its based loosely around real events in my life with names changed and events made more dramatic and shortened for the sake of time.

The base of the story is a group of friends using the online voice call service TeamSpeak, they chat on the service a lot and my story is based on the day before the group leave for their universities, 3 members of the group (Alex, John and Taylor) are all leaving for the same university and our main character (Amy) is attending somewhere else.

The story shows the sadness of friends growing about and the anxiety that comes with picking yourself up and starting a new life.

I’m excited to start recording this project and am hopeful for the end result.

Radio Drama: the city of NightVale and Bioshock

I recently started Unit 5 which deals with radio dramas and there creation, I listened to two full pieces and part of a third to better understand audio work.

The first piece I listened to was Welcome To Nightvale, I enjoyed this piece on a personal level and will carry on listening to it in my free time, I love the way its presented as a radio show for a weird little city, it feels extremely real despite the weird goings on, I think the team behind mixed in the perfect amount of grounded events to really give it a realistic tone.

The second piece I listened to was the first part of Bioshock: An Audio Drama, this piece was an adaptation of a existing book with some events changed to match the audio medium, though I likely won’t listen to the second part I thought it was well put together and its use of sound effects were superb.

The last piece I only listened to maybe 15 minutes of as I just wanted to gather another small example of radio drama, I chose The Archers as its the most mainstream radio drama you can find, I wanted to see a more normal look at the medium and this soap opera showed me exactly that, again something I won’t be listening to in my free time but defiantly a well rounded and well done drama.

General Update: December 2016

This month was a tough one in terms of pushing myself to create work I would consider to be of a high standard, I worked mainly on my ident and overall branding.

The ident was my biggest challenge so far, I started with the concept of stop motion pieces with scenes from iconic horror films but as I progressed the stop motion really wasn’t going to plan, I didn’t have the budget to buy a large amount of Plasticine and therefore I couldn’t make multiple models so the changing of poses caused them to become muddy looking as the Plasticine colours became mixed.

A few days before hand in date I had to change my idea, though I was slightly panicked I storyboarded a concept and got to work as fast as possible on my new ident, I ended up with the channel logo being covered in dripping blood with creepy music playing in the background, I actually ended up preferring this idea to my originals and feel it was for the best I changed my plans.

Overall I have felt more confident in my work this month and hope to continue my positive mood into 2017.

My favourite piece of work from this month would be my ident which is linked in my previous post.

Ident and branding progress

I’ve decided that my ident will be iconic scenes in horror recreated with stop motion with the Horrific name incorporated, I have a soft spot for rustic stop motion and feel the style will suit my branding and channel concepts well.

I’ve also finalised a logo design and created a mock social media for the channel, I created the logo in photoshop and decided on a Facebook page for my social media.






Base ideas for my ident: Stop motion and applying new skills

After a short amount of research into idents I have found I very much prefer the animated ones, I’m considering using stop motion as its a style I learnt earlier in the year and am excited to apply things I’ve learnt to new projects.

My base concept is stop motion classic scenes from horror films, as I will likely be using Horrific as my main channel concept.

these are all the ideas I have for now but I am excited to get to this new project.

Finishing Unit 4

Today I finished my work on my branding unit, I presented my channel ideas to the class and collected feedback to help decide on a finalised channel idea for the ident I will be creating in the next unit.

From the information gathered I will likely be combining 2 of my original concepts into 1, using the aesthetics and name of Horrific and the theme of mainstream horror from Channel 13 I will create my channel.

I learnt a lot from this unit and am looking forward to applying this new knowledge to my next unit.