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Finished Radio Drama

Here is the finished version of my radio drama, I put a lot of effort into it and I hope you all enjoy it.



Radio Drama: Editing

Today I finished editing my audio drama, I used Adobe Audition for the edit.

The task of editing the piece seemed like a short and simple one, just a case of clipping the voice lines together in a way that made it sound like the flow of a natural conversation, but issues came up and the edit became more taxing then first thought.

The voice lines for the character Alex were louder and had more background noise then the other characters and sound effects so the majority of his lines needed altering.

This involved lowering the volume and pitch of some sections of the recordings to attempt to correct the background noise, this has not worked perfectly but sounds more better then the raw recordings.

Radio Drama: Script writting

Over the last 4 days I have been working on my script for my audio drama “TeamSpeak” its based loosely around real events in my life with names changed and events made more dramatic and shortened for the sake of time.

The base of the story is a group of friends using the online voice call service TeamSpeak, they chat on the service a lot and my story is based on the day before the group leave for their universities, 3 members of the group (Alex, John and Taylor) are all leaving for the same university and our main character (Amy) is attending somewhere else.

The story shows the sadness of friends growing about and the anxiety that comes with picking yourself up and starting a new life.

I’m excited to start recording this project and am hopeful for the end result.