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Finished Radio Drama

Here is the finished version of my radio drama, I put a lot of effort into it and I hope you all enjoy it.



Radio Drama: Editing

Today I finished editing my audio drama, I used Adobe Audition for the edit.

The task of editing the piece seemed like a short and simple one, just a case of clipping the voice lines together in a way that made it sound like the flow of a natural conversation, but issues came up and the edit became more taxing then first thought.

The voice lines for the character Alex were louder and had more background noise then the other characters and sound effects so the majority of his lines needed altering.

This involved lowering the volume and pitch of some sections of the recordings to attempt to correct the background noise, this has not worked perfectly but sounds more better then the raw recordings.

Radio Drama: Recording my piece

I recently recorded my radio drama, I had a cast of 4 including myself and we recorded each line separately which made editing easier, this style of recording would only really work for such a small cast and short running time as for other, longer pieces it would be extremely time consuming.

We used my phone as a recording device as the sound quality was up to standard and it was a convenient tool to use.

Recording went well but unfortunately due to time constraints I have not been able to re record a couple of pieces of audio which are not up to standard, I am currently in the progress of attempting to fix them in editing as best I can.

Radio drama: sound effects

Today I worked on creating sound effects for my audio drama, I also helped my peers with creating theirs.

For my audio drama I needed keyboard typing sounds, chairs moving, breathing into mic and general sounds you would likely hear within a voice chat.

My friends needed walking sounds, gates closing and chains rattling.

Mine could be sorted within the classroom, just be recording the actual sound of chairs moving and typing ect but we had to leave the classroom in search of gates and stone pavement to create their sound effects, we managed to get everything we needed and made use of an empty playground for chain sounds and walking on wood sounds.