Box Set – Presentation

Today I presented my finalised concept to the group, I showed them the contents of my box set and the finished box I created from cardboard and paint, my feedback was overall good and I seem to have captured the show fairly well in a box set format that would appeal to its fans.


coming to the end of the unit I am happy and confident in my work.


Box Set – Creating the physical items

Today I finished producing the physical aspects of my box set, the box has been a week long project to create and the other contents were crated on PhotoShop and then printed onto paper and cut to size, I also used old DVD cases to put the DVD sleeves I designed in.




February 2017 Overview

This month has been entirely focused on my box set, from creating ideas to psychically creating the box itself.

When I found out our next unit would be focused around creating our own box sets I become very excited, it sounded like a lot of fun and something I could really channel a lot of my recently unused artistic energy into, I have a huge passion for painting and drawing outside of my film making so it was a lot of fun to create and paint my box.

I has chosen the show Rick and Morty to base my box set around and I really enjoyed adding in references and themes from the show to the box content as its something I’m a big fan of

I wouldn’t say I have any favourite pieces from this month as everything is a work in progress but I’m very exited to show you all the end results.

Box sets: Interdimensional Cable

Today I began work on the interdimensional cable TV guide they will come with my box set, the guide is a novelty item that references the show, I hope to include many nods to the show in it contents.

I used Photoshop and pre existing images to create the cover of the TV guide (shown below) I erased any background colour from around the images and layered them to create the cover

I added any imagery I used to my RefMe


Box Set: Research

Today I started my research into how to create my box set and added any imagery, videos and articles that I am taking inspiration from to my RefMe.

I looked at the existing Rick And Morty box sets which only include one season and no extra items, so with my box set I want to combine both seasons into one box set and add extra items with a special box to store it all in.

I’ve also worked on concept art today but I will be sharing it in a later post as it is not yet complete.

Box Sets: Presenting My Idea

My main task for today was to present my box set concept to the class, I went ahead with my idea for a Rick And Morty box set shaped like the Mr Meeseeks box and featuring exclusive items and novelties.

My feedback indicated that this was a good idea and they liked the idea of exclusive items so I will be continuing with this idea and expanding on it.

Box sets: Research and idea development

I started my research into box sets by looking at existing ones available for purchase, I focused my attention mainly on a box set I own personally, Twin Peaks The Entire Mystery which I feel embodies a perfect box set as it has many fine details and references to the show.

I worked towards the idea of designing a box set for a show I love called Rick And Morty, I had a few rough ideas for concepts such as planned box design which I will show in a later post, I hope I can create something as good as I in vision it.


January 2017 Overview

In the month of january I mainly focused on working on my audio drama, a lot of time was spent perfecting the script and making the dialogue sound natural and less wooden, I discovered how difficult this process can be and changes to the dialogue was made even as me and my actors were recording as when lines were spoken out loud and in context they didn’t fit as well as they had in writing.

I would also like to take this moment to thank my actors for their input and hard work, without them the drama wouldn’t be have of what it is and I appreciate their help greatly.

If you would like to listen to my audio drama please click the YouTube link below.

Radio Drama: An overview

Today I have completely finished my radio drama, fixing any tiny bits I missed perviously while editing and making sure all my paperwork is in order.

I found the process of creating my drama interesting and challenging though sometimes a little tedious, Its defiantly not a field I will see myself working in in the future but I feel I have earned valuable audio editing skills which I can apply to other projects.

I have also learnt the process of directing actors as I have never used actors others then myself in pieces before, I had to come across confident and make my ideas clear which is something I sometimes struggle with, I feel I have improved in this skill now and I hope I can keep working harder with my confidence.

I am yet to present my piece to my peers and this is something I struggled with when I created my short film, I had to leave the room as my confidence in myself and my work was so low but I am aiming to stay in the room for the full piece this time as I need to get used to seeing and listening to my own work.